Black Belt Balm

After seeing too many pain-relieving heat rubs with a long list of chemical ingredients that you can’t pronounce, here is a natural product to help you relieve muscle pain and soreness.

Black Belt Balm is all about a healthy lifestyle: exercising regularly, protecting the environment, and refusing to subject our bodies to harmful chemicals.

Combining our decades of experience in environmental protection, organic gardening, herbal knowledge and martial arts and exercise, we have created a healthy product for the healthy lifestyle we all want.

An organic, herbal pain-relief solution

Black Belt Balm

Are you feeling sore from a hard workout? Do you have a nagging backache? Are your shoulder muscles tight and need some relief?


“Black Belt Balm is my choice for a topical pain reliever. Black Belt Balm helps me deal with the daily aches and pains of training and keeps me on the mat. I highly recommend it to all athletes.”

Mikyo RiggsBJJ Black Belt, Owner and Head Instructor, Marin MMA and Mikyo Riggs Jiu Jitsu, 2011 US Open Champion

“I have found that Black Belt Balm brings the right amount of heat, soothing, and relief for my body. As a yoga teacher and busy mother, I recommend it to anyone who is serious about maintaining their body.”

Candace StumpMother, Yoga Teacher

“I’ve been trying Black Belt Balm out the past few days and it’s good stuff. It has a very mild odor at first and then no odor at all about 15 minutes after application, so you can use it when working. (And it’s a small, family business, which I like.)”

Beth Snowberger, Massage Therapist student at Colorado School of Healing Arts

“As a competitive athlete, I know the aches and pains of training. I began to use Black Belt Balm to work out my own soreness. It worked so well with me that I began to incorporate it into massage sessions with excellent results and feedback from my clients.”

Dave Ireland, C.M.T., Longevity Massage and Bodywork



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